Drunk again and missing you It’s a common sentiment these days and I can’t quite shake the feeling that there’s very little I’m going to be able to do about this in the long run, very little I’m going to be able to learn from this when all is said and done And I can’t […]

Letting Go

I’m trying hard to let you go release you out into your own life and let you have the freedom you so clearly desired The relationship has been severed and there’s nothing left to salvage but I have a misguided will that doesn’t know when to quit I still think of you as mine still […]

Fool’s Errand

It’s around midnight and I’ve caught myself missing you again My cup overfloweth and all comes spilling out I want you to know that I crave you still that my empty bed is impossible to sleep in That my empty chest has a you-shaped hole and I long for you to fill it I miss […]

Mέλισσα III

Whomever you deign to receive your heart will be the luckiest person in this or any world Would only that your love could reignite the furnace that slumbers in my chest cold and wanting for fuel Would that your white arm could rest across my breast and your soft lips steal these words from mine […]

Would it be too Much?

Would it be too much for me to believe that you miss me in any way close to the way that I’m missing you right now? Would it be too much to think that in the dark hours your heart beats just that much faster for want of me? Would it be too much to […]


It seems to be Thursdays that bring with them this great unease, this creeping, undulating horror I can’t help but to dwell on you dream on you search you out in the forgotten places that are best left unknown and unlit and unwanted I can’t help but miss in advance the children I’m losing for […]

Thus Sank Eden

The light within you glisters while mine is ever dim The memories of your love are fading with each passing day The comfort the consoling the building up of what had been broken down It leaves me dark not four months along It diminishes like the pressure of your touch the pleasure of your kindness […]