The House Which Serves The Muse

I hate to carry on so about my heart and the place it used to rest but there’s an ache between my lungs just behind my sternum It doesn’t have a texture or temperature this festering grief but it clenches like an empty stomach A hungry twinge that feels more and more like an exhausted […]


All the regular sleep the self-care showers the handfuls of pills in the evening can’t prevent the downturn that comes like a sudden cloud blotting your blue heaven on an otherwise sunny day It encroaches with its shadow tendrils creeping and ensnaring your heart washing black the canvas of your water-coloured afternoon Reach out though […]


Yesterday’s heartsickness is today’s malaise I’ve been trapped in my own head since I rolled out of bed this morning some time just before noon It was nothing more than a chance encounter Not of body but of sight It’s amazing how quickly we can forget that removing someone from our lives doesn’t remove that […]


I wonder do you miss me? Do you think of me? Am I a void in your life, an absence that you suck on like the hole of a lost tooth? Do you wonder what I’m doing at any given moment? Do you imagine scenarios where I come crawling penitent on hands and knees to […]


I wish I knew what it would take to reprogram myself from wanting you Maybe install a virus something to corrupt the memory something to erase the heartache something that will make it easy to sleep again I wish I knew what it would take to be rid of this yearning this feeling of things […]


Find here your dedication I shriek out to you every iota of my love that you may in some way mend me That you may in some way reciprocate And I know that it’s a fool’s errand to lust for those things which cannot be named much less enumerated But I must confess that my […]


Speak O Muse in your garb of shiny leather Ring out in uncommon time the meter I should employ be it fractured be it whole be it anything worth remembering on this page Sing O Muse of the flesh of the sins of the long nights and brief mornings the skin on skin on heart […]