Ode to Aripiprazole

Would this were a perfect world wherein a body could keep in continual stock those blank tablets of such inestimable price. Each sugar-pill like candy button melts, liquesces in a sub-lingual embrace; outpours throughout the system, a needful and necessary preparation of those arcane glyphs, C23H27Cl2N3O2. Without You, I am a right psychotic shambles, a […]


  You lay awake until four in the morning listening to Your wife Your son Your daughter all snoring together while Your breath comes fast heaving hurling thoughts whirling through Your mind at the speed of existential dread   it is then when the grey light of the dark hours the orange fluorescence flickers from […]

Lust, a sonnet

Lust unbridled, bit spat out, once swayed Her hips. And I, a weak-fleshed extravaganza of immorality did thirst and drink from lips so swollen, meat purple, as to evoke a sort of genital profanity. With the whip-crack dominance of will she parted her knife-cut mouth in ecstatic praise. Her gyrations smeared anointing oil across my […]

God is a Pornstar

God is a pornstar. God is a pornstar. The angels are glad to put out.   God is a pornstar. God is a pornstar. Thomas himself wouldn’t doubt.   He won’t leave you hanging. He’s continually banging and throbbing through your Sacred Parts. He’ll pound and He’ll thrust with His just, holy lust. He’s balls […]


a chill insinuating itself around Your heart   Your mind dull a blunted knife all flat edges and useless   head empty of thought You lay in bed all morning dreaming of feeling of some time when anything could move You   but all You achieve is a drool spattered pillow and a headache for […]

still under

drowning gets easier the more You practice   there’s an incredible high the lower You go until You dash against the rocks and lose what little wind You’ve got left   there are life preservers sure little pellets You can swallow to moderate Your descent keep You floating when Your arms get tired   but […]