Emerald Girl and the She-Goat

Once, there was a girl made entirely of emerald. She was called Emerald Girl, as that is the way of things.


One day, Emerald Girl was walking on a road near the Tokal Mountains when she chanced upon a she-goat bleating and struggling at the base of a cliff.

“Emerald Girl!” The she-goat gestured her horned head toward her hind legs. “I have become ensnared by these treacherous rocks. Please, won’t you set me free?”

Being of a generally useful type, Emerald Girl went forward to see if she could discover how the goat was being trapped. To her amazement, she saw that both rear feet were seamlessly embedded in the stone.

“She-goat! How did this come to pass?”

“I was grazing atop the peak, so very far above, when a great wind blew up and cast me from the mountain. I fell for what seemed days before striking this stone with my back legs. Now I cannot move!”

“But She-goat, surely you can’t possibly have struck the rocks with such force. How is it you came to be stuck so fast in the stone?”

“Emerald Girl, you need but look around you. While I was grazing, I was also carrying stones home to my small hut which is in a sad state of disrepair. It is this extra weight that helped me to strike with such force. When I landed, the stones scattered all around me, as you see here about you.”

“But She-goat, these stones are far too large for one such as you to carry! And how were they held? I see no ropes, no harness of any kind.”

“Emerald Girl, I stacked them upon my back. I am a creature of great balance!” To demonstrate the she-goat reared up on her hind legs and teetered precariously hoofs flailing in the air. “See how I can stand! I scooped the rocks with my horns and tossed them atop my back. It is not such a difficult feat.”

“But She-goat, surely if you were so laden the wind could not have pushed you off in the first place. Your story does not ring as true as I would like. These are cursed hills and many creatures roam about, filled with cunning and mischief.”

“Emerald Girl, I have no further proof. But if you would care to come closer I can show you where the rock has taken my feet. Just lean in, lean close, and look how perfectly they have rent the stone.”

Emerald Girl did lean forward and as her face neared the ensnaring stone the she-goat lashed out and bit at her shoulder. With a loud crunch the she-goat’s teeth shattered. Emerald Girl had thicker skin than most.

“I knew you were no she-goat, monster.” Emerald Girl brought her fist around and stunned the beast. In a daze the she-goat guise faded away and left only a stony serpent swaying stupefied. Emerald Girl hurried away to the village to the east to find the blacksmith. Hours later, the men returned to town with bags and bags filled with gravel.


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