Ad Feminam


The time has long since passed where we can ignore the continuing efforts to maintain the subjugation of women. Laws exist preventing living, sentient, consenting adult human women from having control over an extraordinarily specific feminine organ, namely their uteri. The fact that we, as a nation, make this the de rigeur state of things is telling not only of the firm grip still held in place by the patriarchy, but too the outdated notions of the functions and purpose of women and their femininity.

These antiquated notions of the ad hoc nature of the female (sexual) body go hand-in-hand with most every other law that has ever put a woman beneath the thumb of another. That they remain virginal is to ensure the man, not the woman, is able to confidently pass on his progeny (it is rare, after all, to dispute who has birthed a child). That they remain monogamous is for exactly the same reason. That they stay in the home is that they may tend to the progeny of the male, and keep his nest for him. That they are to be objet du désir is that men may peruse, and then use, what they have determined to be, physically, the most fit mate; again, for the health and well-being of their progeny. At no point is the will of the mother, that holy creature that allows us to exist at all, taken into consideration.

Look still to abortion. The woman is subject ever and always to the will of men. Of course, there are many scenarios where couples come together to decide on abortions, and, perhaps in a perfect world, this would be the case in all things. Though, in a perfect world, there would be no unwanted people, so, perhaps that point goes a bit off the rails. Digressions aside, the burden of gestation is nothing to take lightly. Mortality rates aside, it is seldom that the mother is not the parent saddled with the child for the remainder of its life, barring abandonment. And there we have an even worse attitude, if such a thing is possible. When it comes to parental abandonment of responsibility, our culture only even recognizes the “Deadbeat Dad”. There is no term for such a mother, as the concept seems largely unthinkable to the society at large.

Further, we find that it is much more palatable to the public at large that a child be surrendered to the State, rather than the Void, for reasons that should become clear to anyone with even a passing familiarity to the Military Industrial Educational Complex Fetichism that has such a hold on the affairs of the average American. We would rather see children abandoned to overworked, underfunded, and often exploitative systems that result in many a broken adult. Fostering aside (and what an aside) adoption itself rarely crosses into daily conversation. Perhaps it is a purely biological response, a conservation of energy for ones own progeny, that we so often refuse to admit into our niches the offspring of another.

But still, think to yourself. Does Foster Mother of Foster Father have the ring of an easy phrase? The entire system is dominated by women, seen as non-predators of the young, administers of the only valid care in the upbringing of a child. This is seen through most any and all hospitality and care industries, as well as those dealing with education. The woman, the mother, she is capable to nurture and rear and educate, because her only purpose in life is to make as many children as possible, and especially, to express the desire to have them.

A woman who is disinterested in children and who seeks sterilization is seen to be largely mad, and more often than not deferred with platitudes about mind-changes down the line, by aghast horror that a woman would wish to remain barren. Simple surgical procedures become impossible, for fear of losing a broodmare. Most are done only post partum, after the woman has “fulfilled her obligation”. Not so with the average man wishing to cut off his own fecundity. The man can fuck as much as he likes, not tied to the reproductive or rearing future of the child. His sexuality is that of conquest, of penetration, not of being conquered or of receiving. He plants, he sows, she harvests. The sexuality of women is tied intrinsically in our culture to the idea of motherhood. A woman should only mate in order to reproduce. To show desire, to do sex work, to have a pleasurable time with no thought for children runs anathema to so much of what we consider to be right and true in this broken system.

It is a bizarre world that we live in, where men seek virginal sluts; women of experience who haven’t experienced another. Biological or not, we have overcome so many other of our base instincts. Why is it we still cling to this nonsense?


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