The Odicy

When I learned
of suffering,
I forgot about
Seems it’s been hurting
ever since
Its remorseless
on a thanatophobic wavelength
Burns up
the ashy remains
of aeon-hardened
sappy remembrances
and sets loose
those ancient insects
that buzz
and click
inside the hollows
of my worm-eaten
Their stings drip
in time with the backbeat
the rhythm of longing
to go back to that
place before the bridges
were burned
See the torchlit ropes
and the charbroiled planks
as the embers writhe
and coil
on the knots
and the grain
Hear the splinter-
cracking agony
as the strength of years
succumbs to the onslaught
of ecstasy
that is immolation
The ashflakes rain
upward into the dawn,
where they blot out
the love
of the Son
The chasm is
a hollow in the past
that cannot be fathomed
Unformed lurkers
from the days gone
by stick around
in that hollow
They watch
and they pry
Their fingernails pierce
and stick
in those tightly wound
They rip
and they tear
for solid purchase
if you would have them,
they’d come inside
They can’t resist
the offer


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