On Rejection

Your indifference ratchets open old wounds
Fears of inadequacy
Of worthlessness
The form-letter style of your dismissals
Like a rolled eye
A sarcastic sigh
Leaving one wanting for a remedy
Some way out
Any way out
From this bitter pool of anonymity
Perhaps I could find a better fit
If I were to lop off my toes
The throes of verse that choke
And turn the eye away from reading
The mind from comprehending
If I were to excise the tumours
Of purple prose
Those explicitly chosen metaphors
The similes that leave your head itchy
Mind scratching for some semblance of clear meaning


Maybe I could do that

Turn my second person
By addition
Into a third
Turn my first person confessional
Into a lighthearted romp
Of so little pomp and circumstance
That you could swallow
Without choking

Maybe then
And only then
Would this pen be effective
Would this mind be elected
Into the hallowed halls
So long sought
So long denied
So long



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