still under

drowning gets easier the more You practice   there’s an incredible high the lower You go until You dash against the rocks and lose what little wind You’ve got left   there are life preservers sure little pellets You can swallow to moderate Your descent keep You floating when Your arms get tired   but […]

1 a.m.

You peel the skin off your fingers bit by bit, layer by layer, wearing out Your fingernails and the store of bandages in the bathroom closet   the skin is firm between Your teeth as You chew away the angst fight back those awful waking nightmares and find some kind of peace in the biting […]

Tio and Destyn, pt. 14 & 15/?

This wasn’t the first time Tio had been off-planet. However, the last time he’d come to space he’d been so young as to make it a non-event. He had only the barest memory of the starfields opening up before him, marking the vastness of space. Now, as he sat on the bridge with Destyn, he […]

Rise, Rise

​How do you fix a body that tears itself asunder  from the inside? How do you mend a wound when the disparate jags of skin  will not communicate?  Should we shrug and leave this wound to fester can we truly say that we have overcome? If union is required to stand, but we fear the […]

Tio and Destyn, pt. 13/?

Destyn had just put out his smoke when Tio strode back onto the bridge wearing an old red Mars U t-shirt and hole filled sweatpants. He let out a wolf-whistle, which caused an immediate flush to break out over Tio’s face. “Shut the hell up, will you?” “Just admiring your taste in ratty clothes.” “They’re […]

Tio and Destyn, pt. 12/?

Destyn wasted no time in launching himself off the hangar bay magrail, firing his ship into the path of the three oncoming Syndicate vessels. Immediately, in unison, the three ships banked and veered off course from the Honeybadger, instead turning to focus all of their attention on the D-GAF. Destyn’s control panel lit up with […]

Tio and Destyn, pt. 11/?

Destyn took a long draw on his cigarillo, expelling a cloud of smoke that did very little to cover the pervasive smell of the Honeybadger. He threw himself into his captain’s chair, and spun to face Tio. “Fine then. It all started on Ganymede. I was fourteen. I’d been running drugs for a local gang, […]